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Afghanistan Phone Cards: 31.7¢
Algeria Phone Cards: 10.4¢
Andorra Phone Cards: 4.2¢
Angola Phone Cards: 15.4¢
Anguilla Phone Cards: 15.9¢
Antigua/Barbuda Phone Cards: 15.4¢
Argentina Phone Cards: 33.3¢
Armenia Phone Cards: 13.7¢
Aruba Phone Cards: 15.9¢
Ascension Island Phone Cards: 181.8¢
Australia Phone Cards: 2.4¢
Azerbaijan Phone Cards: 26.3¢
Bahamas Phone Cards: 30.8¢
Bahrain Phone Cards: 4.0¢
Bangladesh Phone Cards: 4.3¢
Barbados Phone Cards: 21.7¢
belarus Phone Cards: 24.7¢
Belgium Phone Cards: 2.4¢
Belize Phone Cards: 26.0¢
Benin Phone Cards: 33.3¢
Bhutan Phone Cards: 18.0¢
Botswana Phone Cards: 12.3¢
Brazil Phone Cards: 4.7¢
Brunei Phone Cards: 3.8¢
Bulgaria Phone Cards: 6.2¢
Burkina Faso Phone Cards: 24.7¢
Cambodia Phone Cards: 6.5¢
Cameroon Phone Cards: 20.0¢
Canada Phone Cards: 1.7¢
Cape Verde Islands Phone Cards: 30.3¢
Cayman Islands Phone Cards: 9.7¢
Central African Rep Phone Cards: 51.3¢
Chile Phone Cards: 3.8¢
China Phone Cards: 2.0¢
Colombia Phone Cards: 4.5¢
Comoros Phone Cards: 57.1¢
Congo Phone Cards: 37.0¢
Cook Islands Phone Cards: 76.9¢
Croatia Phone Cards: 3.2¢
Cuba Phone Cards: 100.0¢
Denmark Phone Cards: 2.2¢
Diego Garcia Phone Cards: 100.0¢
Djibouti Phone Cards: 44.4¢
Dominican Republic Phone Cards: 11.3¢
Ecuador Phone Cards: 13.7¢
Egypt Phone Cards: 11.8¢
Eritrea Phone Cards: 32.3¢
Estonia Phone Cards: 3.3¢
Ethiopia Phone Cards: 30.3¢
Faeroe Islands Phone Cards: 12.5¢
Falkland Islands Phone Cards: 69.0¢
Fiji Islands Phone Cards: 22.2¢
Finland Phone Cards: 6.2¢
France Phone Cards: 1.8¢
France(cell) Phone Cards: 13.1¢
French Guiana Phone Cards: 6.8¢
French Polynesia Phone Cards: 38.5¢
Gabon Republic Phone Cards: 33.9¢
Georgia Phone Cards: 5.8¢
Germany Phone Cards: 1.9¢
Gibraltar Phone Cards: 7.7¢
Greece Phone Cards: 2.3¢
Greenland Phone Cards: 74.1¢
Grenada Phone Cards: 18.2¢
Guadeloupe Phone Cards: 3.2¢
Guatemala Phone Cards: 17.7¢
Haiti Phone Cards: 22.0¢
Honduras Phone Cards: 18.7¢
Hong Kong Phone Cards: 2.5¢
Hungary Phone Cards: 1.9¢
Iceland Phone Cards: 4.4¢
India Phone Cards: 2.5¢
Indonesia Phone Cards: 8.7¢
Iran Phone Cards: 10.3¢
Iraq Phone Cards: 10.2¢
Ireland Phone Cards: 1.8¢
Israel Phone Cards: 1.8¢
Italy Phone Cards: 1.9¢
Ivory Coast Phone Cards: 26.7¢
Jamaica Phone Cards: 20.4¢
Japan Phone Cards: 3.5¢
Jordan Phone Cards: 12.7¢
Kazakhstan Phone Cards: 10.0¢
Kenya Phone Cards: 14.6¢
Kiribati Phone Cards: 83.3¢
South Korea Phone Cards: 1.8¢
Korea Phone Cards: 64.5¢
Kyrgyzstan Phone Cards: 14.2¢
Laos Phone Cards: 6.3¢
Latvia Phone Cards: 5.5¢
Lebanon Phone Cards: 11.8¢
Lesotho Phone Cards: 22.7¢
Liberia Phone Cards: 39.2¢
Libya Phone Cards: 31.7¢
Liechtenstein Phone Cards: 8.7¢
Lithuania Phone Cards: 5.3¢
Luxemboug Phone Cards: 2.3¢
Macau Phone Cards: 4.3¢
Macedonia Phone Cards: 16.8¢
Madagascar Phone Cards: 40.8¢
Malaysia Phone Cards: 1.9¢
Mali Republic Phone Cards: 33.9¢
Malta Phone Cards: 4.5¢
Marshall Islands Phone Cards: 35.1¢
Mauritania Phone Cards: 66.7¢
Mauritius Phone Cards: 30.3¢
Mexico Phone Cards: 8.0¢
Micronesia Phone Cards: 29.0¢
Moldova Phone Cards: 17.5¢
Montserrat Phone Cards: 18.7¢
Mozambique Phone Cards: 10.4¢
Myanmar ( Burma) Phone Cards: 33.3¢
Namibia Phone Cards: 10.2¢
Nauru Phone Cards: 87.0¢
Nepal Phone Cards: 12.8¢
New Zealand Phone Cards: 1.7¢
Norway Phone Cards: 2.5¢
Pakistan Phone Cards: 4.8¢
Philippines Phone Cards: 15.9¢
Poland Phone Cards: 37.0¢
Portugal Phone Cards: 1.9¢
Romania Phone Cards: 3.2¢
Russia Phone Cards: 6.6¢
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South Africa Phone Cards: 4.6¢
Spain Phone Cards: 1.7¢
Sri Lanka Phone Cards: 11.6¢
Sweden Phone Cards: 1.8¢
Switzerland Phone Cards: 2.2¢
Taiwan Phone Cards: 2.2¢
Thailand Phone Cards: 2.1¢
UK Phone Cards: 1.7¢
Ukraine Phone Cards: 11.4¢
Alaska Phone Cards: 2.1¢
Hawaii Phone Cards: 2.0¢
Puerto Rico Phone Cards: 1.8¢
USA Phone Cards: 2.0¢
Vietnam Phone Cards: 5.3¢
What are prepaid phone cardes?
1.1) Definition

A prepaid phone card is basically exchanging money upfront for minutes to make long distance phone calls. A customer pays a certain amount in exchange for telephone time. The amount of minutes is based on the rate table that illustrates what the current rate (cents/minute) to a particular destination is. The balance of the phone card is tracked through the use of a pin number so that the service carrier can record the calls you make and the appropriate amount to deduct from your phone card.

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1.2) Buying Minutes

1) Cheaper than "regular" rates
Phone cards have much better rates than a traditional long distance company. This is possible because phone card companies provide higher volumes of traffic for the service carriers. Higher volumes translate into lower prices for businesses and the customer.

2) Budget Control
Phone cards are also an excellent way of controlling your budget. Rather than worrying about high phone bills, phone cards provide limits in spending. A $20 phone card is good for only $20. You cannot spend anymore than you have already prepaid. Consequently, customers do not have to constantly worry about expensive phone bills.

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1.3) Usually a time limitation for using minutes

Almost every phone card has an expiration date. If the balance on the phone card is not used up before the expiration date, then the remaining balance is lost.

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How do phone cards work?
2.1) Like making a regular telephone call

Phone cards are very simple to use because it is just like making a regular phone call. The only difference is that there are two extra steps. First, you must dial one of the access numbers for your phone card. This allows you to perform the second step which is to enter your pin number. The final step is to dial your destination number.

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2.2) Major players

1) Service Carriers
Service carriers are the companies that actually own the telephone lines and make some of the rules on how to use their phone cards.

2) Resellers
Resellers are the companies that buy the minutes from the carriers and distribute the minutes to phone card issuers and make any additional phone card usage rules.

3) Issuers
Phone card issuers are the companies that set the rates for a particular phone card and provide the access numbers to use the phone card.

4) Distributors - distribute phone cards
Phone card distributors purchase the phone cards in bulk quantities and distribute them to phone card retailers.

5) Retailers - sell phone cards to customers
Phone card retailers purchase the phone cards and sell them directly to customers.

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2.3) Elements

1) Rates
Rates are the prices associated with a phone card. Each phone card has its own rate table. The rate table states the price per minute for each destination location available to the phone card.

2) Expiration date
The expiration date is the how long the card can be used. Most phone cards expire after 60 - 90 days.

3) PIN numbers
PIN numbers are the unique identifiers that allow you to make your phone calls. It also keeps a record of the calls you made and the appropriate amount to deduct from the balance on your phone card.

4) Access Numbers
Access numbers are special telephone numbers that must be dialed in order to use your phone card. There are two types of access numbers. First, local access numbers are phone numbers in your area and provide cheaper rates which give you more minutes for your phone card. Second, toll free access numbers are numbers that start like 1-800, 1-888, 1-877, etc. These numbers have a slightly higher rate than local access numbers, but they are more reliable and less frequently has busy signals.

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How do I use a phone card?
After receiving your phone card, you should be able to use it right away!

5.1) Step 1: Dial the access number
If the access number is busy, all the lines maybe tied up, please try to call again later. If the problem persists, contact customer service right away!

5.2) Step 2: Enter the pin number
If you enter any problems trying to enter your pin number, please contact customer service right away!

5.3) Step 3: Dial the destination number (don't forget Country code [if necessary])
If you have any problems trying to connect with your destination party, please contact customer service right away!

5.4) Step 4: Have conversation as normal
If you have any quality problems with your destination party, please contact customer service right away!

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What if I have any problems?
If you ever run into any problems, hang up and try your call again. If the problem persists, immediately end your phone conversation and contact customer service.

6.1) Contact phone card retailer
Let them know what the problem is so they can alert the service carrier to get the problem fixed.

6.2) Always report any problem
If you enter any problems trying to enter your pin number, please contact customer service right away!
Possible problems are:
(1).Poor line quality
(2).Inconsistency in phone card minutes (+/-)
(3).Problems with an access number
(4).Problems with a valid pin number
(5).Purchase/transaction problems

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